Putin’s Z Bloggers Are Profiting From Ukraine Invasion: BBC

While Russia’s invasion of Ukraine may have caused significant human and infrastructure losses, Putin’s Z bloggers are profiting from the brutal invasion. According to the BBC report, Russian bloggers who support the invasion are earning large sums of money by documenting Russia’s invasion.

Russia’s Z-Bloggers

The bloggers are called Z because they have been a propaganda machine for Putin. The alphabet Z went viral when it first appeared on the Russian military vehicles and soldeir’s uniform. The BBC spoke to some of the Z bloggers and the amount they charged per post ranged from $100 to $2,000. The report mentioned the cost per post varied as per the audience of any Z blogger.

Z Bloggers Thriving in Telegram

All prominent social media platforms like instagram, twitter na facebook have been banned in Russia for more than an year now. Since the ban, Russia’s propaganda machine took to telegram to generate huge revenues. As per the report, Putin maintains close contact with all the bloggers who work tirelessly to spread Russian propaganda.

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