Chaos As Five Million Bees Fall Off Truck in Canada

Police in Toronto warned the public about the unexpected release of over 5 million bees in Burlington, Ontario. The bees immediately spread in the area when the hives fell off a truck transporting them. The beekeepers were able to return the beehives after being collected carefully, the police said.

Bees On The Loose

Although it didn’t cause chaos on the streets, the public was warned not to go outside and shut their doors. The police told local media that they didn’t know how to respond but they did reach on time to assess the situation.

Most of the experts involved in the operation said this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience because they have never seen such a thing.

Bees Were Collected

As soon as the police reached the scene, they knew what to do, they called beekeepers and other experts to deal with the situation. Mike Barber, who arrived first, said the mission wasn’t dangerous at all as they were wearing proper gear. The bees still managed to sting some of the beekeepers, but they were treated on the spot.

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