Sudanese Hackers hacks X To Get Elon Musk’s Attention

A Sudanese hacking group called Anonymous Sudan hacked X to get Elon Musk’s attention over Starlink. The hacking group hacked X to pressurize its CEO to launch Starlink service in their country. 

Open Starlink in Sudan

X, previously known as twitter, was down for more than two hours with thousands of its users affected worldwide. The hacking group later posted on their telegram page asking people to deliver their message to Elon Musk. “Make our message reach to Elon Musk: Open Starlink in Sudan,” the message said. 

Who Are Anonymous Sudan?

Cybersecurity experts have been continuously raising alarms over the activities of the Anonymous Sudan. The group, as per some experts, works in close coordination with Russian hacktivists. Most of the telegram accounts associated with the Anonymous Sudan are also located in Russia.

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