France Bans Muslim Students From Wearing Abayas in Schools

The French government has banned Muslim women from wearing abayas in public schools.

Abaya is a loose over-garment dress specifically worn by Muslim women around the world. The Education Minister Gabriel Attal has said the abayas go against the secular values of France, therefore must not be made public.

Ban Will Apply On 4 September

The latest rule is expected to apply as soon as the new school year starts from the 4th of September. The French Education Minister also said if you enter a public building, you must not be able to identify someone just by looking at them. A ban has already been in place on wearing headscarves in France, since 2004.

Why is France Opposed To Abaya?

France is not specifically interested in the abaya as symbols of other religions such as crosses, and Jewish Kippahs have been banned in public schools.

The government claims that such open display of religious signs resists the republic’s secular values.

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