Scientists Tattooing Gold Over Living Cells, Here is Why!

Scientists have developed a new mysterious technique to tattoo the living cells with gold. While the technique may seem completely incomprehensible, scientists have an explanation for it.

Tattooing Gold Over Living Cells

Scientists explained that pasting gold nanodots and nanowires, if they become successful, could have significant health implications for human beings.

Diagram Which Shows How Nanowires Are Transferred To Cells

Scientists will be able to individually monitor the state and behavior of individual cells within humans, David Gracias of Johns Hopkins University said. 

Gracias further explained that we wouldn’t have to wait for diseases to be treated, if we are 100% sure about their behavior.

Gold Nanowire Arrays To Rat Brains

Cost Effective Technique

The research study published in Nano Letters also revealed the fact that such procedures are cost-effective and can revolutionize the health care system. This will further help the scientists develop more complex systems involving electrodes, antennas, and circuits.

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