Russia Denies Killing Prigozhin in A Plane Crash

In a statement released today, the Kremlin spokesperson categorically denied involvement in killing Wagner chief Prigozhin in a plane crash. Western intelligence agencies speculated that Putin could have ordered Prigozhin’s killing amid silence from the Russian side.

Russia Rejects Accusations

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitri Peskov said all the speculations in the western media were presented from a certain angle. Dmitri categorically rejected the accusations that Putin ordered the assassination of Wagner chief. Prigozhin has been on the frontline in Russia’s war against Ukraine and has repeatedly clashed with the senior Russian military leadership.

Putin Wanted To Punish Prigozhin

With all the formal talk aside, we know for sure that Putin wanted to punish Prigozhin for a coup months ago. Prigozhin’s men downed a number of Russian military helicopters that killed a number of soldiers. How Prigozhin’s death will affect Russia’s war in Ukraine is too early to say, but we can only hope for an end.

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