Al Qaeda Terrorists Call For Attacks on Sweden & Denmark

The international terrorist organization, Al Qaida, has threatened to carry out attacks in Sweden and Denmark after Quran burning incidents. The statement was issued by the organization’s official channel “As Sahab” calling upon revenge attacks against the countries for burning the muslim’s religious book a few months back. 

Experts Says Al Qaeda Is Weak

The Danish intelligence service has started monitoring the situation after the latest call for attacks. Although the organization is responsible for carrying out brutal attacks against the US and Europe, experts believe the threat is not overwhelming. Terrorism experts Tore Hans Brun said Al Qaeda has become obsolete as its organizational structure has been dismantled.

Diplomats At Threat

However, the threat may put the Swedish and Danish diplomats in the middle east at risk, Brun said. The diplomats abroad must take precautionary measures and avoid unnecessary engagements in the regions at risk.

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