6 Ex-Policemen Plead Guilty Of Torturing Two Black Men To Death

6 former police officers pleaded guilty of torturing two black men to death in Mississippi. The 6 law enforcement officers from Mississippi brutally tortured two black men when the officers illegally entered their home in January. According to the persecutors, the torture session went on for 90 minutes which ended with one man shot in the mouth.

The Goon Squad

According to the prosecutors, the team of 6 officers used to call themselves the “Goon Squad”. The statement said the officers tried to cover up the crime scene depicting the victims as criminals by planting drugs and a gun. 

The names of the officers involved in the assault were;

Christian Dedmon (former deputy)

Hunter Elward (former deputy)

Brett McAlpin (former deputy)

Jeffrey Middleton (former deputy)

Daniel Opdyke (former deputy)

Joshua Hartfield (ex-police)

Justice Served

The two victims, Jenkins and Parker, were targeted because a white neighbor complained about them being with a white woman. Jenkins, who can’t eat hard food due to the injuries, said he knew he would get justice but didn’t expect it would be that quick.

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