Florida Mother Sues Bakery For Poster Branding Her “Cake Thief”

A vegetarian mother from Florida has sued a bakery owner for branding her a “cake thief” in its posters. Margarita Sciapin filed a lawsuit against the local French Bakery in Boca Raton, who intentionally branded her a thief, leaving her distressed and hospitalized.

Mother Seeks $50,000 For Damages

Margarita is now demanding more than $50,000 for the damage caused by the poster that featured her image along with text “car thief”. The lawsuit said the bakery owner intentionally put her picture with “false and defamatory written statements” that was published on the shop’s window. Margarita said the defamatory image caused her intense stress and anxiety to the point that she was hospitalized.

When It All Started?

The issue dates back to January when Margarita purchased a $29 Mocha cake after which she had an argument with the cashier. Margarita said she was given the wrong cake and she was not able to switch it back. The bakery had no refund policy, and she was afraid that she might be charged twice for changing it.

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