Russia Launches First Moon Mission After 47 Years

Russia has launched its first moon mission after nearly half a decade. Russia is aiming to become the first country to reach the moon’s south pole, something which hasn’t been accomplished by anyone previously. The lunar southern pool is believed to have huge water deposits, as per scientists.

Russia Launches Luna-25

Russia’s lunar mission, dubbed Luna-25, is expected to spend at least one earth year on the surface after 10-12 days of journey. The Luna-25 mission has been constantly delayed amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The Russian space agency failed to implement key strategies after strict sanctions were imposed on it by the United States and European Union. 

Russia’s Response To Sanctions?

While it may be a bad idea to intermix science and space exploration with geopolitics, that’s  what happened. In response to the sanctions, Russian president Vladimir Putin claimed the space mission was a response to the US and EU, when he visited the Vostochny Cosmodrome space port.

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