101-Year-Old Neuroscientist Reveals His Secrets To Long Life

A 101-year-old neuroscientist has revealed his life secrets which, according to him, led him to live longer and happier. Dr. Howard Tucker’s secrets to happiness include a healthy diet, loving relationships and taking interest in meaningful work.

Let’s break down Rucker’s life secrets,

Fruits, Vegetables And Fish

Tucker told the mindbodygreen podcast that his diet mostly contains vegetables, fruits and fish. Tucker and his wife consume seasonal fruits in the breakfast with occasional cereals with 2% reduced-fat milk. 

Tucker said he skips lunch because doing so makes him more productive and he avoids getting drowsy. 

The couple consumes vegetables and fish for dinner but didn’t reveal any carbohydrate sources in the podcast. Tucker doesn’t mind consuming something sweet like an ice-cream or some fruits.

Don’t Retire

One of the pieces of advice Tucker gave in the podcast was not to retire as it is an enemy of longevity. Retiring is like losing interest in the world around you and one must engage with life to stay youthful, he said.

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