Wearing Expired Contacts Can Be Dangerous, Doctor Warn

Health experts have been warning about using expired contact lenses as they may pose serious threats to eyes. Health experts have cautioned contact users to make sure they don’t use expired ones and frequently check the dates. An ophthalmologist Dr. Yuna Rapoport, explained the dangers in detail.

Risk Of Infection

The first and foremost danger the expired lenses pose is the risk of infection. Dr. Yuna Rapoport explained that contact lenses can harbor bacteria like bacterial keratitis, even if they are sealed properly. A patient may lose its vision if he or she uses lenses laden with bacteria, she says.

Corneal Ulcers & Much More

Other red flags for using expired contact lenses, dry eyes & corneal ulcers. Yes, it may sound ‘not a big deal’, but they can increase risk of infection too. “Using expired contacts puts you at risk of corneal ulcers, infections, keratitis, and inflammation,” Dr. Yuna Rapoport said.

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