Elon Musk Says X Will Pay Legal Bills If Users Treated Unfairly

Elon Musk has said X, previously known as twitter, will pay legal bills of those users who are treated unfairly by the platform. The users who like something on the platform and face consequences will be paid by X and the financial assistance will have “no limits”, he said.

Musk Will Sue Companies

The newly rebranded platform will make sure the users face no difficulties in liking or commenting on something. Musk revealed in a post that the company will not only sue, but will make it loud and clear and he will go “after the boards of directors of the companies too”. People don’t know what to make out of this latest move as Musk didn’t reveal further details yet.

What Musk Wants To Achieve?

Just like we said, we can’t say for sure what Elon Musk intends to achieve with this latest move. He may want to make the platform more democratic for users across the globe where the companies can’t just shut people’s right to free speech.

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