Red Panda Twins Born in UK Bring Hope For Endangered Species

The birth of two twin red Panda babies have revived hopes for the endangered species. Born on June 25 at Whipsnade Zoo, UK, the pair has not been named by the wild conservation authorities. The population of Red Pandas has been on a downward trajectory for decades due to deforestation, hunting and illegal trade but the newly born twins have increased optimism.

Each Weighed 113g 

According to the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), each of the twin panda babies weighed around 113 grams, around the same weight of a banana. The pair was born to a beautiful Panda couple, mother Ruby and father Nilo, at Whipsnade Zoo in Whipsnade, England. The zoo authorities gave the required care to the pregnant mother all these years to make Ruby’s first experience as a mum a smooth one.

Babies Yet To Leave Their Nest

As per the Whipsnade Zoo statement, the babies have not yet left their nest as they require intense mother care. The red panda cubs rely heavily on mothers as they are not able to see for the first 6 weeks. The zoo officials said they are making sure Ruby gets all the care and the family develops a bond, which is crucial at this stage.

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