Chinese Zoo Tries Passing A Golden Retriever As A Lion

Zoo controversies are not new in China, like the recent Bear controversy. The Yuanjiashan Zoo located in Xichang, China, tried passing a cute golden retriever off as a lion.

The incident caught the attention of many on the state-run social media platform Weibo, and the video of the incident quickly became viral.

The video was recorded in 2021 when a surprised father, known only as Tang, discovered that a golden retriever had been placed inside a cage meant for lions.

Lion Sign To Be Removed

Tang initially asked the zoo management if the lion was an “African lion” because it didn’t look like a lion. The zoo worker said in return that the lion was there temporarily and was about to be transferred somewhere else.

The zoo worker said they were removing the lion sign outside the cage but that didn’t convince Tang who found it hard to explain it to her little daughter. 

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