Ex-Navy Pilot Says US Military Recovered Aliens From Crash Sites

Former US Army and Navy servicemen testified before the congress that the US military recovered non-human biologics from crash sites. The three former US military officers said the US government was trying to cover up the UFO sightings and was secretly running a program to reverse-engineer unidentified flying objects.

Non-Human Biologics Recovered

Ex-Navy pilot Ryan Graves and retired US Navy commander David Fravor testified in front of congress that they had first hand evidence regarding the strange flying objects. Mr Fravor told the committee that the US military recovered, what he called, “noon-human” biologics from a crash site.

UAPs In Possession Of US Government

Mr Fravor further claimed the US government has alien spacecraft recovered from multiple crash sites but they were not reported. He alleged that the government didn’t just have the aircrafts, but also had the bodies of those on board, the non-human biologics.

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