Tourists Visit Death Valley As Temperature Reaches 56°C

Tourists have started to flock to the Death Valley as temperatures soar to record high. While the globe, especially North American and Europe, are suffering from extreme temperatures, people are swarming to reach the world’s hottest place as it bakes to reach 56°C.

Feel Like I’m In An Oven

Temperatures in Death Valley, which runs along part of central California’s border with Nevada, reached 128 degrees Fahrenheit (53.33 degrees Celsius) on Sunday. “I feel like I’m in an oven,” said one of the tourists from Ohio. The Furnace Creek visitor center’s digital thermometer attracts tourists seeking selfies and group pictures as many eagerly wait for it to hit the 50 mark.

Death Valley Hit 56.6C A Century Ago

In 1913, Death Valley, California, set a US record of 134 degrees Fahrenheit (56.6C). A century later, tourists flock to the desert, anticipating the break of a new record. The Death Valley attracts heat-chasers from the continent just to witness the record-breaking temperature the thermometer shows.

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