People Are Just Realizing What Twix Actually Stands For

 People have just realized the real meaning behind caramel shortbread chocolate bar ‘Twix’. The brand itself revealed the meaning to a twitter user who asked Twix what the name actually stood for. One twitter user took to twitter and was told that Twix stands for ‘twin sticks’.

Twix Responded on Twitter

A twitter user named Fooji (@gofooji) asked Twix and the chocolate brand was kind enough to tell him what “Twix” actually means. Fooji asked  “I read that ‘Twix’ is short for ‘twin biscuit sticks.’ Can you confirm or deny this?”. In response, Twix said the answer was close but not exactly right. “It’s short for ‘twin sticks,’” Twix responded to Fooji.

Twitter Was Amazed

Twitter users were shocked to know that despite eating the chocolate for years, they never thought about the meaning behind its name. Another 40-year-old user was embarrassed to know saying “Ashamed that at 40-years-old, this had not occurred to me.”

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