NASA Locks 4 Scientists Inside Mars Simulator For 378 Days

NASA has locked up four volunteer scientists inside a 3-D Mars stimulator for the next 378 days. The Mars stimulator is based at the Johnson Space Center in Texas, where the agency trains its own members to experience real-life situations on Mars.

NASA’s Longest analog Mission

This is the first time in NASA’s history where the agency is experimenting with something this interesting and valuable. The scientists, who planned to spend almost a year, will go by their normal routines as they have been doing with missions to the moon and ISS.

Crew members Anca Selariu, Ross Brockwell, Kelly Haston and Nathan Jones 

Stimulating Mars’ Gravity is A Challenge

The space agency was able to arrange everything from food and other supplies, but it couldn’t stimulate Mars’ gravity. To cover it up, NASA turned to virtual reality to allow the crew conduct spacewalks and other things associated with gravity.

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