Russia Using Tanks As Car Bombs Against Ukrainian Troops

In a desperate effort to counter the resistance of the Ukrainian troops, Russian troops have started to improvise in their war tactics. The Russian Ministry of Defense has claimed to have detonated a remote-controlled tank, filled with 6 tons of TNT and five massive bombs, near the Ukrainian army positions in Donetsk. 

The Tank Didn’t Succeed

A video recently uploaded showed the tank’s unsuccessful attempt in reaching its objective target. According to the military analysts, the tank couldn’t reach its target as it drove over a landmine due to which it exploded creating a huge fireball without causing any damage to Ukrainian troops.

Kamikaze Drones To Kamikaze Tanks

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, the battlefield has seen impressive improvisations from both sides. The Ukrainian military was stunned to confront the kamikaze drones which the Russian troops unleashed last year. The kamikaze tanks are similar to what ISIS used against the Iraqi army which gave them an upper hand in capturing major cities.

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