Tourist Submarine Exploring Titanic Goes Missing

A tourist submarine used to explore the wreckage of the Titanic has gone missing, the Boston Coast Guard said. The coast guard officials said they were searching for the missing submarine near the coast of Newfoundland. OceanGate Expeditions, a company who owned the submarine confirmed that one of its submarines had gone missing without providing details of exact number of passengers on board.

The Company Charges $250,000

The “unsinkable” Titanic sank 370 miles off the Canadian coast on April 15, 1912, carrying 2,208 people from Southampton, England, to New York. The wreckage of the ship currently sits at around 3,800 meters and has remained a popular tourist destination since the discovery of its wreckage in 1985. The private company OceanGate charges as high as $250,000 to provide exploratory services deep inside the ocean.

Rescue Operation Underway

According to the Canadian Coast Guard, a search and rescue operation was underway to locate and rescue the Titan submarine. Two weeks ago, the company tweeted that it was using Starlink to maintain communications during ts exploratory visits which indicates that it could be easier to find.

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