Biden Awkwardly Ends Gun Speech With “God Save The Queen”

The US President Joe Biden was laughed at on social media after he, out of nowhere, ended his speech about gun safety with “God save the Queen man!”. The statement caused confusion online as to what Biden actually meant by saying something so awkward to an audience at National Safer Communities Summit.

Twitter Trend

The critics of Joe Biden didn’t waste any time and took to twitter and soon “God Save the Queen” was trending on twitter. Historian and journalist, Yoni Appelbaum, responded to one of the tweets and said Joe Biden had this habit of ending his phrases with sentences whose meaning is only known to him. Most of the tweets criticized Biden’s old age while some supported the president after the stumble.

White House Clarified

Later one, the White House press office clarified what the president meant by what he said. “He couldn’t do the full rope line due to weather, and was commenting to someone in the crowd”, White House press office wrote in an email. 

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