Scientists Discover Key Life Ingredient on Saturn’s Moon

Scientists have discovered a key ingredient for life in Saturn’s small moon named Enceladus. The team of researchers led by Dr. Christopher Glein, discovered phosphorus in the form of phosphate in water erupting from the surface of the moon. The researchers said the phosphate discovered is hundred times higher than the quantity found in earth’s oceans.

Life’s Key Building Block

Phosphate is considered one of the key ingredients in sustaining life as it is essential in building the DNA, ATPs, cell membranes, teeth and lipids. The huge milestone became possible when the researchers detected evidence of phosphates in Enceladus’s ice-covered ocean by using the data from NASA’s Cassini mission.

100 Times Higher Than Earth

Dr Glein said the concentration of phosphate on the moon is at least 100 times higher than all of earth’s oceans. He further said the discovery could answer more questions about the questions of life beyond our planet.

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