Israeli Scientists Discover 12,000-Year-Old Bird Bone Flutes

Researchers from Israel have unearthed tiny little bones in northern Israel. The tiny bones were observed to have holes inside them and were identified as flutes used by prehistoric humans for multiple purposes. The sound it produced mimicked birds and were used to scare large aquatic birds, one of the theories suggested.

Music And Hunting

Scientists believe that the flutes could have been used to scare waterfowl, so as to catch them when they took flight. This was evident from the fact that researchers who were involved in the study applied it on reptiles as they reacted when the flutes were played. Second theory suggests that the flutes could have been used for music on important occasions.

Only One Complete Flute Discovered

Out of the total seven wing bones that scientists collected from a birdwatching site, only one flute was discovered in its original form, the team of researchers said in a joint statement. “So far as is known it is the only one in the world in this state of preservation,” Dr Laurent Davin said.

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