Air Quality Worsens As Canada Wildfires Takes Over US

Residents in the US and Canada witnessed extraordinary scenes when wildfires from Canada took over the US atmosphere. Air quality has worsened in North America as cities along the US East Coast issued pollution warnings.

When Did It All Start

It all started in late april when wildfires across Canada suddenly erupted after burning in small numbers. Wildfires in the western provinces of Canada occur every year but this time, the wildfires took a dangerous turn and spread to Nova Scotia, Quebec and Ontario. The province of Quebec was badly hit with 160 forest fires still burning at the moment and more than 10,000 people displaced.

New York City Has The Worst Air

The wildfires caused the air quality of New York City to drop to the lowest in the world, according to Right now. 128 million people across the 18 states of the US were under air quality alerts. The US President Joe Biden said he had sent 600 firefighters to control the climate-induced wildfires.

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