Hundreds Of Animals Dead After Ukrainian Dam Explosion

Thousands of people were evacuated after a major dam in Ukraine was blown up with explosives. Hundreds of towns were at risk of flooding after the destruction of a dam at Nova Kakhovka. According to the local Ukrainian media, the flood also damaged the Kazkova Dibrova zoo and killed more than 260 animals.

Swans & Ducks Managed To Survive

Videos circulating on social media showed water rushing down the zoo without any sign of animals. Only the swans and ducks managed to survive as they could swim while all the other animals were dead, Ukrainian media influencer Igor Lachenkov tweeted.

Dam Attack, A War Crime

The Ukrainian Chief of staff blamed the Russians for blowing up the dam. He said he was shocked as to how there could be any doubt that Russians didn’t do it. Meanwhile, the US is in contact with the Ukrainian government to investigate if the dam attack could be a war crime.

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