71-Year-Old Won $476 Million in Mega Millions Jackpot

A 71-year-old man from New York won $476 million, the largest ever won in New York. The man named Johnnie Taylor retired recently from working as a handyworker in Manhattan, New York. Taylor’s wife couldn’t believe it and he had to go online to prove that he had the lucky numbers and those were 23-27-41-48-51.

Taylor Takes Home $157 Million

As per the law, 25% will go to the Federal and around 13% will go to the state and local taxes, on lottery wins. Taylor went home with more than $157 million in hand, giving away a $10,000 bonus to a business where he purchased the winning ticket.

Taylor Plans To Travel

Winning a humongous lottery was the last thing Taylor would have thought of, especially at the time of retirement. The 71-year-old is planning to travel, get a new hybrid vehicle and also purchase a new house.

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