Passengers Stuck As Passport E-Gates Stopped Working In UK

Passengers arriving at the UK took to social media to express their anger as the e-gate system stopped working throughout the country. The Home office reported that they are working with the relevant authorities to mitigate the impact and minimize the disruption for travelers.

All Large Airports in UK Affected

According to the BBC report, all the passport e-gates across the UK are currently down causing delays for the people arriving into the UK. The impact is currently being felt at the large airports that have the e-gate system, which automatically captures and stores the image of the passenger for convenience. 60-80% of all the passengers are checked via the e-gates, Lucy Morton, from the Immigration Services Union told BBC.

Chaos At The Airports

Passengers arriving at the airports expressed anger when they saw chaotic scenes where thousands of passengers were stuck. Most of the passengers waited for more than two hours  to clear their passports. The Home Office spokesperson said that they are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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