Shark Bites Two Men While Fishing In Southern Florida

In two separate incidents just a few days apart, two men were bitten by sharks while fishing in southern Florida. According to the County Sheriff’s Office, both the victims had their legs bitten by sharks and were immediately transferred to nearby health facilities. 

Experts Say It’s a Rare Phenomenon

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said that it’s very rare to be bitten by sharks in these regions. The shark bites are not life threatening and can be treated without having to worry about health complications. Only about a dozen shark species out of 300 usually attacked humans in the past, experts believe.

Florida On Top Of Shark Bites

Florida waters have the highest number of shark bite cases in the entire country, according to some estimates. According to the University of Florida’s International Shark Attack File, around 39% of all shark bite cases were reported in Florida.

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