Scientists Warn World Expected To Breach Temperature Limit

Scientists have issued a warning that the planet will likely breach the temperature limit of 1.5C for the very first time in the next four years. Earth’s temperatures have been increasing rapidly and crossing the limit of 1.5C threshold could have dangerous consequences as heatwaves, floods and droughts will become more frequent.

66% Chance Of Exceeding The Limit

Based on the research findings of the World Meteorological Organization, it was determined by scientists that there is a high probability, approximately 66%, of surpassing the 1.5C limit within the next few years. Breaching this limit would mean that the global temperature is 1.5C higher compared to the second half of the 19th Century.

1.5C Threshold Has Never Been Breached

Although the report mentioned that the consequences are not necessarily permanent, the ever increasing fossil fuel emissions will likely make them permanent, if not controlled on time. The 1.5C threshold has never been breached ever in human history and breaching it will have unimaginable consequences for humanity, the report said.

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