Professor Breaks World Record For Longest Time Underwater

A professor from Florida has broken the world record for longest time spent underwater. Professor and US Navy veteran Joseph Dituri has spent more than 74 days in a lagoon in Key Largo, Florida, as he looks to surpass the 100 mark.

Dr Deep Sea

Professor Dituri, also known as Dr Deep Sea, said he was inspired by his curiosity for discovery and spent time in the most extreme conditions. The place where he has been living for more than two months now, has no technology to adjust the underwater pressure. Prof Dituri started his journey on 1st of March as he aims to return to surface on the 9th of June.

Previous Records

The previous record was set by two professors in 2014 as they spent 73 days at the exact same ft-deep lagoon in Key Largo. Professor Dituri’s ambition for breaking the record has not kept him away from his duties as he still entertains his students online.

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