Youtuber Pleads Guilty For Crashing Plane On Purpose For Views

Youtuber Trevor Jacob is expected to face 20 years in jailed after he intentionally crashed his plane to get views on YouTube in December 2021. Trevor will plead guilty for removing the debris of the plane from the crash site, prosecutors said.

Trevor Agreed To Plead Guilty

The 29-year-old youtuber who was performing the stunt to get as many views as possible, agreed to plead guilty to the concealment of the wreckage with an intention to obstruct the investigation, the Justice department said in a statement. The entire stunt was planned and he didn’t intend to reach his destination as he was wearing a parachute and selfie stick,  the US Attorney’s Office said.

Trevor Destroyed The Wreckage

The skydiver Trevor Jacob was accused of destroying the wreckage of the plane, which he collected after he landed on the ground. The plane crashed in the Los Padres National Forest 35 minutes after it took off from Santa Barbara Municipal Airport in California.

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