Google’s Latest Update Makes ‘Finding Device’ Easier

Google has announced to have worked on updating the ‘Find My Device’ feature for its users. Google has made lots of improvements and has made it easier for its customers to find their lost devices. Based on the recent announcement, users will receive automated notifications from their phone indicating the presence of an unidentified tracker that is in motion alongside them.

Feature Will Arrive This Summer

Google announced at the  I/O Google’s Developers conference that it is enhancing the Find My Device feature to simplify the process of locating devices by enabling users to ring their devices or track their location on a map, even when the devices are offline. The feature is expected to arrive this summer, with loads of other AI features.

Tracking Offline Devices

The announcement was hailed as good news by all the android users who have been worried about losing their phones as tracker alerts will notify the users automatically. The new feature will also work even if the phone is offline and will assist the user track it or view their location.

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