Cows Helped Police Arrest A Driving Suspect In North Carolina

The driving suspect who was on the run while fleeing an arrest in a vehicle, was arrested when cows, who were roaming in the area, helped expose his location. Police were able to communicate with the cows as best as they could and shockingly, they were able to get to the suspect who was hiding in nearby pasture.

Cows Led The Police To The Suspect

The Boone police were able to get to the suspect with the assistance of cows in the area. The 34-year-old Joshua Russell Minton was arrested on multiple charges including a felony of trying to run from the police in his vehicle. The suspect abandoned his vehicle and fled into an undeveloped area, the police said

Police Thanked The Cows

In a news release, the police department thanked the cows that helped in locating the suspect. The Boone Police Department stated that if it was not for the cows to assist our officers, we wouldn’t have been able to locate the suspect.

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