Study Says 70% Teens Are Sleep Deprived Due To Social Media

A new report has shed light on the negative consequences of social media on teens, spending hours on social media every day. A study published in Sleep Health journal revealed that 70% teens in Europe and North America are sleep deprived because of social media.

Teens Are Not Getting Enough Sleep

The study revealed that around 30% to 70% of the teenagers examined in both continents experienced insufficient sleep on a regular basis. Insufficient sleep not only poses risks to mental and physical well-being but also suggests that social media could be making it difficult for the teenagers to get along the rest of the day, as the sleep patterns are disturbed to an unprecedented level.

Social Jet Lag

Sleep deprivation is also believed to have been increasing the social jet lag, which is the inconsistency of sleep timing on weekdays and weekends. In some European countries, researchers noted that intense social media usage is depriving the teens 22 minutes of sleep each night.

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