TikTok Launching Ads With 50% Revenue Share For The Creators

TikTok has said that they are launching a new feature which will allow the creators to show ads on their content to generate revenue. The Pulse Premiere will be launched on 4th of May and will allow advertisers to show ads in the top 4% of the content on the platform.

TikTok’s Pulse Premiere

TikTok’s new feature called the Pulse Premiere lets advertisers display their ads alongside high-quality content produced by prominent publishers like Buzzfeed, DotDash Meredith, NBCUniversal, UFC, and WWE. This latest feature to the platform will also enable creators to receive 50% of the revenue generated from ads that appear with their content.

TikTok Grows Amid Growing Pressure

TikTok, owned by ByteDance, a Chinese company, is growing amid increasing pressure from Washington. Several members of Congress have raised concerns that the app could be used by the Chinese government to access the personal data of its American users, and as a result, there have been calls to ban it.

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