School Principal Finds Black Bear In The School Dumpster

West Virginia’s school principal was horrified to find a black bear in the dumpster outside the school. James Marsh, Zela Elementary School’s principal, suddenly ran away when a black bear emerged from a dumpster he was checking out. 

Both Ran Away

A video that went viral on social media showed James Marsh checking the lid of the dumpster when suddenly a black bear emerged from the dumpster. Marsh said he was terrified as he was not expecting such a creature to be coming out of the Dumpster at 7 in the morning.

Why Black Bears Love Dumpsters

Black bear incidents have become quite frequent in the recent past and the reason lies in the increasing human population. As the human population is growing, we are seeing more and more people living in bear habitat,” found of Bear Safety and More, Kim Titchener said.

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