May 1, 2023

CEO Spending $2,400 A Month On ChatGPT To Boost Productivity

While organizations around the world are discouraging their employees from using ChatGPT, a CEO is helping ease the burden over its employees by buying them ChatGPT plus accounts. Akash Nigam, founder and CEO of Genies, is currently spending $2,400 a month on ChatGPT accounts for 120 of his employees.

Bulgari Jewelry Store In Paris Robbed In Broad Daylight

A jewelry store in Paris was robbed in broad daylight and the robbers were seen running away after the robbery. The robbers were wearing all black and riding two black motorcycles, the videos circulating on social media showed. The Bulgari store in Place Vendôme, Paris, has been robbed for the second time in two years.

Museum Visitor Eats A ‘Banana Art’ In South Korea

A visitor to a South Korean Museum ate a banana that was displayed as an art. The artwork called the “Comedian” was put on display at Seoul’s Leeum Museum of Art by Maurizio Cattelan. The visitor was a student who said he ate the banana because missed his breakfast and was hungry.