SpaceX To Spend $2 Billion This Year After Starship Exploded

SpaceX is set to spend $2 billion on Starship rocket development this year after the previous rocket exploded midair. On 20th of April, SpaceX launched the biggest rocket ever constructed from its spaceport in Boca Chica, Texas. The Starship vehicle, developed to transport humans on a mission to Mars in the future, took off from the launch pad but exploded while airborne without any crew on board. 

Musk Looking To Reach Orbit

While speaking during a discussion on Twitter Spaces, Musk said his next Starship objective is to reach orbit. The 20th April attempt Starship launch apparently failed after it failed to separate from its booster.

Funding Not Needed

Musk said that SpaceX does not expect to raise additional funds to advance its Starship program. “To my knowledge, we do not need to raise incremental funding for SpaceX,” Musk said on Saturday. He further said that SpaceX has gone through a list of improvements in its prototypes, and he expects to reach space within months.

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