Clouds Can Spread Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria, Study Finds

Bacteria have become increasingly resistant to antibiotics which is challenging Human’s capacity to cure related diseases. It has become the biggest threat to human food and health security, according to the World Health Organization. A new study has uncovered how clouds can play a role in spreading such bacteria.

Clouds Harboring Bacteria

Researchers from leading French and Canadian institutes published an article in the journal Science of The Total Environment, studying the samples they collected from famous Puy de Dôme in France. The researchers found 330 to over 30,000 bacteria per milli-liter of cloud water with an average of 8,000.

First Ever Study

According to the study’s lead author, Florent Rossi, this is the first ever study indicating that antibiotic resistant bacteria are present in the clouds. Such bacteria usually live on the surface of soil or vegetation but they find their way to the clouds by the wind and other human activities.

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