Secret CIA Files Show China Trying To Hijack Satellites

Classified CIA documents have revealed that China is building cyberweapons to hijack western satellites. Papers show that China is working on developing high tech satellites to seize control of satellites of European countries currently in orbit. China is developing the capability to make sure it dominates the exterior of earth to hinder their communication systems.

Far Better Than Russian Tech

The cyber capabilities of the Chinese government are far more advanced as compared to Russia’s cyber capabilities it deployed against Ukraine. Chinese military has been investing billions of dollars and had deployed 347 satellites including 35 deployed just in the last 6 months. satellites are aimed at monitoring, targeting and tracking US and European military forces in future conflicts.

Chinese Space Dream

Commander of the US Space Force told congress that China is aggressively working to upgrade its space capabilities to achieve its “space dream”. General B Chance Saltzman said China is not only trying to destroy US interests on earth but also projecting its power beyond planet.

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