Two American Airlines Caught Fire Due To Bird Hits

Bird strikes forced two American airlines to land immediately after they lost their engines. The incident happened days after an engine failure was reported in Flight 2288 when it was ready for takeoff. Videos shared on social media showed fire blazes while the airplane was headed to the Columbus airport.

Pilot’s Heroic Act

The plane was heroically saved by the pilot of the Boeing 737 when everyone thought it was heading towards destruction. The Federal Aviation Administration praised the plane’s crew for keeping the passengers calm amid all the chaos they went through. The passengers reported extreme fear as they watched their plane on fire midair.

17,191 Reports In 2022

The Federal Aviation Agency reported 17,191 cases of bird hits in 2022. The most famous of bird strike in the aviation history happened on January 15, 2009, known as “Miracle on the Hudson,” when United Airlines flight was struck by geese.

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