April 21, 2023

$15 Million Worth Of Gold Stolen From Canadian Airport

A massive gold heist occurred inside the cargo holding facility at Toronto Pearson International Airport. According to the Police, gold and some other valuable items worth $15 million were stolen when an aircraft carrying them went inside the cargo facility.

Russian Fighter Jets Accidentally Bombs Own City

Russian pilots accidentally bombed their own city of Belgorod, near the Ukrainian border. A Russian Sukhoi-34 fighter-jet bombed a city square causing a 20-meter crater. Three people were injured, and several buildings collapsed nearby, according to the local administration.

Spike Crowned World’s Most Favorite Penguin

A Cotswold’s penguin was crowned as world’s most favorite by charity Penguins International. The King penguin named Spike won the global competition after getting the highest number of votes, after leaving behind an African penguin called Mai by a close 1 percent margin.