April 19, 2023

Dead NASA Satellite Set To Strike Earth Today With Harm Risk

A dead NASA satellite is expected to crash back to earth today. Most of the satellite will burn while descending but NASA warns as it is expected to land on someone’s head. NASA’s 270 kilograms RHESSI satellite will strike earth at around 9:30 p.m. EDT.

Ohio Teen Dies After Participating In TikTok Challenge

A 13-year-old teen died days After Participating in the Benadryl TikTok Challenge. Jacob Stevens from Ohio took 12 to 14 pills of Benadryl to get high as a part of dangerous TikTok challenge which proved fatal. Overdosing on Benadryl can cause serious heart problems, seizures or even death, according to the US Food and Drug Administration.

Spectators Witnessed A Mystery Spiral In Alaska

Skywatchers at Alaska witnesses a giant mystery spiral in the skies of Alaska. Early on Saturday morning, residents in Alaska who were watching for the aurora borealis were surprised by the sudden appearance of a large spiral shape in the sky. They promptly shared images on various social media platforms and discussed the possible reasons behind the appearance of the bluish-white spiral.