April 14, 2023

Scientists Are Engineering bacteria To Fight Cancer

Scientists are coming up with innovative techniques to use conventionally bad organisms to treat cancers. The aim is to engineer the genomes of bacteria in such a way to cure or treat cancers. If successful, the new way will have an enormous amount of resources in the form of bacteria on our skins, and the outcome is expected to eradicate cancer diseases.

Athlete Emerges After Spending 500 Days In A Cave

A sportswoman and an athlete emerged after spending 500 days in a 70-meters deep cave. Beatriz Flamini appeared after having read 60 books and drank a thousand liters of water. She spent a year and a half in a cave in Granada as an experiment which was closely monitored by scientists. 

Huge Explosion Kills 18,000 Cows At Dairy Firm In Texas

A huge explosion and fire at a dairy firm killed thousands of cows in Texas. Approximately 19,000 cows were recorded to be at the venue but 18,000 had died in one of the deadliest fires at South Fork Dairy near the town of Dimmitt. The officials are speculating that the explosion might have happened because of methane, but the cause is still under investigation.