April 11, 2023

Bank Shooter Kills 5 Co-workers In Louisville

An employee gunman kills five at a bank in Louisville. The suspect, Connor Sturgeon, was an employee of the bank where he livestreamed his shootout on Instagram, the police said. While exchanging fire, two police officers were also severely hurt when he was shot in the brain by the suspect.

South Korea Imposes $32 Million Fine On Google

The South Korean government has imposed a heavy fine of $32 million on Google for squeezing a local video gaming firm. The South Korean governmental body accused Google of exploiting its market dominance by blocking its rivals from releasing video games.

Alibaba Launches ChatGPT Rival Chatbot

Alibaba has revealed its chatbot, a possible ChatGPT rival. Companies around the world are coming up with their own chatbots, grabbing the opportunity to be relevant in the age of AI. Alibaba announced the  ChatGPT-style product called ‘Tongyi Qianwen’, and said it’ll be integrated into other Alibaba’s businesses.