Chinese Warplanes Flies Around Taiwan Amid Soaring Tensions

The Chinese warplanes and naval ships have encircled Taiwan on the second day of military drills. China’s People Liberation Army sent 70 warplanes to the self-ruled island’s aerial defensive zone. The United States has urged China to restraint from its aggressive behavior as the US continues to monitor the situation.

Operation Joint Sword

The three-day operation dubbed “Joint Sword” by China is expected to end by Monday, if things don’t go out of control. It’s a typical Chinese way of responding to events that they consider to be against their core interests. The Chinese government threatened retaliation if the US house speaker met Taiwan’s president, Tsai Ing-wen, but they did meet last week.  

Chinese Stimulated Precision Strikes

The WeChat account of China’s Eastern Theatre Command, a branch of its military, recently released a brief animation showing stimulated strikes on Taiwan. The simulation portrays the firing of missiles from different platforms such as land, sea, and air, with two of them detonating and creating fiery explosions upon hitting their intended objectives.

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