Russia Arrests Wall Street Journalist On Spying Charges

Russia has detained a US journalist accusing him of spying for the US. The journalist Evan Gershkovich has been working as a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, the international daily newspaper based in New York.

Caught Red-Handed

According to the Russian authorities, the reporter was caught red-handed without providing any evidence for it. The reporter was working on the instructions passed to him by the US and was involved in revealing state secrets, Russian security service said. Evan Gershkovich as well as the Wall Street journal has denied the allegations and has sought the release of its reporter. 

Reporter Was Not Doing Journalism

On the other hand, the Russian foreign ministry has claimed that the recently arrested journalist was not doing journalism and it is not the first time it has happened. Russia has repeatedly cracked down on media outlets and journalists after it invaded Ukraine in 2022, accusing many of spying for the US. 

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