March 27, 2023

Chinese Scientists Discover Water Source On Moon

Chinese scientists have discovered a water reservoir on the moon trapped inside tiny beads. The scientists are expecting billions of tones of water inside cooled rocks on the surface of the moon. The discovery was made possible due to China’s Chang’e-5 mission, the only Chinese mission to bring back samples to earth.

Pennsylvanian Factory Explosion Death Toll Climbs to 7

Death toll from the chocolate factory explosion has increased to seven after several dead bodies were recovered at the site. Huge explosion rocked the West Reading community of just 4,500 people, on Friday, destroying the R.M. Palmer Co. facility. Operation is underway to look for missing people as Search and rescue teams are working to pull people out from debris.

Jack Ma Is Seen Again After Prolonged Disappearance

Jack Ma has resurfaced again in China after years of absence from the public eye. Alibaba’s founder visited a school where he met school teaching staff and students as he talked about how artificial intelligence might pose a threat to education. The Chinese billionaire went off screen when he criticized the Chinese government’s financial regulators in 2020.