Massive Tornadoes Devastate Mississippi Killing 23

Intense tornadoes have shattered parts of Mississippi on Friday night. Large number of buildings were destroyed in rural regions, where most of the dead were reported. More than 23 people were reported dead, according to the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency.

Rural Towns Devastated

The massive tornadoes created chaos and confusion in several rural towns in Mississippi where electricity and other soft infrastructure was completely destroyed. The rural towns of Silver City and Rolling Fork saw tornadoes crushing northeast at 70 mph charging towards Alabama through other towns including Amory and Winona. Rolling Fork Mayor, Eldridge Walker, said that his town was completely wiped out by the colossal tornadoes last night.

Debris Above 30,000 Feet

A University of Oklahoma Student from the School of Meteorology said that the debris of the tornado was 30,000 above the surface, multiplying the potential damage the aftermath is going to cause. Flying debris could be dangerous for those who have no shelter above their heads, emergency alert from The National Weather Service mentioned.

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